Seeing Machines Installation Training

This page provides links for parties looking at completing training for installation purposes. The Course description should help you choose the right course.

When you submit your registration form, the Seeing Machines Regional Installation Manager will review your application. If your application is approved you will receive an email notifying you that your application was successful. You will also receive logon details in a separate email (make sure you check your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folder).

Other Training

Seeing Machines provides training for Guardian Center operations, Tier 1 Support Operations as well as access to the TCP and training for our Distributors and Partners. If you would like access to these courses, please email your Account Manager or send a request to

Installation Training Courses

Guardian Installation Certified Technician

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A Guardian Installation Certified Technician is permitted to conduct a full system installation (hardware and software) as well as maintenance of the Guardian. You will be enrolled as a Trainee and after completing all aspects of the course, you will be certified as an Installation Certified Technician G2.

In this course you are required to complete:

  • The Guardian Installation Certified Technician Course (8 modules)
  • On Job Training

SM Maintenance Technician

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Maintenance Technicians are approved to provide basic maintenance to Guardian Systems. Maintenance Technicians are not permitted to install or remove components. They are permitted to check SIM and network status, realign the FFC and ICS, provide a ‘reflash’ of a system and extract EDR data.

This course will require you to complete:

  • The Guardian Installation Certified Technician Course (8 modules)
  • The Maintenance Technician exam

There is no requirement to complete On Job Training for this Certification.