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[Overview] Seeing Machines Support Portal (Zendesk)

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Seeing Machines Support is committed to ensuring our Clients have a positive experience with our products and services.  We do this by providing professional, accurate and efficient technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This article will give you an overview of the Seeing Machines ticketing portal (Zendesk).


  • Direct Customers
  • Distributors
  • 24/7 Support Tier 1 and 2

What is a Support Portal

Seeing Machines provides an easy to use, internet based, customer service portal called Zendesk, that enables you to seek help from us whenever you need it.  Zendesk also supports multiple langagues.

When you raise a support request, a ‘ticket’ is created which will be assigned a priority depending on the nature of the problem.  When a ticket has been created, it cannot be lost or forgotten.


Providing this support portal is one of the best ways to provide customer service.

A support request ticket can be generated in a number of ways.

  1. Email.  You can send an email to support@seeingmachines.com.  Upon receipt by Zendesk, a ticket number will be allocated and can be found in the response email.
  2. Chat.  If visiting the Technical Communications Portal (TCP), you can chat with a Seeing Machines Support Agent using the in-built chat feature.  At the end of your chat, a ticket will be generated recording the details of the chat.
  3. Phone.  You can call Seeing Machines Support (numbers at at the bottom of all Knowledge Base articles).  When the Agent has completed the call, they will create a Zendesk ticket recording the details of the call and any follow up actions.
  4. Direct in Zendesk.  You can access the Seeing Machines Zendesk portal directly either from a computer, smartphone or tablet.  You can track the progress of all your tickets and communication with Seeing Machines Support via this portal.

  • Computer – you can access the Seeing Machines Zendesk portal via the internet (https://support.seeingmachines.zendesk.com)
  • Phone or Tablet – you can access the portal via the internet (as above) OR you can download the Zendesk App from your devices app store (free to download)

To access the Seeing Machines portal you will need to sign up (free).

When you logon to the Seeing Machines Zendesk portal, you will be presented with the Knowledge Base page.  Seeing Machines does not  use the Zendesk knowledge base, instead using the Knowledge Base functionality within the Technical Communications Portal (TCP).

At the top of this page you can:

  1. Select your preferred language.  All Zendesk forms and information will be provided in languages available from the drop-down list.
  2. Submit a request.
  3. View your activities, edit your profile and sign out (under your name).

When you click on the ‘Submit a Request’ link you will be directed to this page where you will be asked to ‘choose your issue’.  The following menu items will be available.

  1. Default Ticket Form
  2. New Guardian Installation
  3. Guardian Installation Swap (for replacing existing installed Controllers)

When you click on the menu item, a form, specifically designed for that issue will be presented to you.

When you have entered all the mandatory elements of the form (marked with an *) you can click on the ‘Submit’ button.

You will immediately see your ticket with the ticket number at the top.

You will also receive an email notification (to your registered email address) when your ticket has been assessed by a Seeing Machines Support Agent.

You can view your Tickets/Activities in a couple of ways:

Click on the Link in your email – You can click on the Zendesk ticket number from the email you received.  This will take you to the Seeing Machines Zendesk portal where you can review all activity on the ticket.

Search your activity in Zendesk – You can search/view your activity from within the Seeing Machines Zendesk portal.  Click on ‘My activities’ underneath your name

On this page you have the option to view your requests and requests that you are cc’d in on.

Clicking on the Subject will take you to the ticket where you can review previous comments and add new information.

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For any questions or concerns, please contact Seeing Machines support by phone at

USA: +1 855 463 9470

Australia: +61 1800 343 893

New Zealand: +64 9 870 2817

Mexico: +52 55 7946 8798

EMEA: +44 808 164 5774

South America: +56 800 719 947

South Africa: +27 11 076 8622

or by email at support@seeingmachines.com

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